Trashes and CO2 are occured at celebration place like party and wedding. That image hardly matched with celebrating. Enjoyable party incur destruction of the environment. In order to solve these problems, green wedding and green party appeared. Reducing trashes and harmful gas are crucial. But party has to be fun and enjoyable. We need eco-friendly and enjoyable party.

As long as a pair of wedding reduces co2 below 50%, 14t of co2 could decrease. Generally , people make 14t of co2 to release for 1 year. ( Generally, 14 of co2 is released by people for 1 year. )

Party cracker use plastic, paper and powder that is made with heavy metal. The heavy metal has poisonous substances. And it hardly can recycle.

Environmental organization encourage people to use wild flower seeds and flower petal. Instead of powder at green wedding and party. Because they can reduce using party cracker. And the serious problem on disappearing bees due to shortage of honey could get better.

The component of Green Cracker is flower petal with seeds. And the flower petal made with eco water soluble film, is melted by water. And then, only seeds remain. All Green Cracker materials are eco friendly. They can be discomposed naturally. It gives more positive effect with solving party cracker's weakness.

Green cracker has 2 directions.
First, It has a same purpose with party cracker. We use it for celebrating.
When setting off green cracker, celebration petals are spreaded out.
Second, after setting off green cracker, the rest of it are planted. After few days, seeds will start grow up and finally, become flower as present.

All materials are eco- friendly and biodegradable. The main power of it is not powder. it is compressed air.
And Body's material is compressed soil the part of bottom is made with jiffy pot.

1. All materials are eco-friendly and easy to biodegrade.
2. We can celebrate party and protect environment at once. And the flower from green cracker's seed become present.
3. Planting green crackers is planting flowers.
4. The wild flower made by green cracker provides new eco system to diverse organism.

Designed by Incheol Hwang, Hyunjin Ahn